About CK Govindan Nair

Sri.CK Govindan Nair known as CKG was a Gandhian to his core. He worked for the poorer sections of the people as a crusader against untouchability.

Sri Sukumar Azhikode who was a Gandhiyan, intellect and orator of Kerala said, Sri C.K Govindan Nair a noted freedom fighter , former president of KPCC, former member of Rajya Sabha , a patriotic Political activist who became the leader of the mass by endearing through his selfless service to the nation, a champion of value based politics whose first and foremost concern was the emancipation of the poor. Such leaders of his calibre have become a rarity andthe society rots due to the absence of such charismatic leaders.

He was a political activist concerned with values and ethics in public life. He was an idealist par excellence. For him politics was an arena for social service. He spent three years in Vellur central Jail for participating in the Quit India movement. He had also worked as secretary and president of Kerala Predesh Congress Committee. During the British rule of India he was elected As a Member of Legislative Assembly of Madrass province in 1942. In 1964 he became a member of Rajya Sabha

The college conducts CKG Memorial Lecture Series to perpetuate his legacy. The first of its kind was organized in 2005 and the same is continued until 2015.