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Department of Languages


Report of Activities


The department of languages functions as a subsidiary department. Since it does not offer any programme on its own it is difficult to find cooperation from the students of other parent departments. Despite these difficulties the department tries to reach out to the students and the community and try to deliver the best possible assistance to them. As a part of this the faculty in the department gives lectures in other educational institutions near to the college. Activities of the department in the last two years show a sincere attempt to participate in various educational activities.




Seminar on contemporary language and literature titled എഴുത്ത് കഴുത്ത് വായന was organized by Department of languages. The focal area of the seminar was the performance of contemporary poetry in spite of the reputation of the poets. The seminar also explored areas like themes of contemporary poetry, intensity of experiences and visual language, film criticism, and performance art.The seminar was inaugurated by TP Rajeevan,  a prominent writer poet and novelist of Kerala.

2.International Reading day Celebration



A Discussion on Malayalam Literature Today was conducted by the Literary Forum in the department. The following students participated in the discussion.

 Yadu Krishanan, BA History, Ashin Krishna, BSc Physics, Anjali Sivan, BSc Physics, Aparna BSc Physics

Arun Raj, BSc Physics.


3. Vayana Dinam

The department celebrated the Vayana Dinam ( Day for Reading) by organizing a competition for poetry composition. Twelve students from various departments participated in the completion. Arun Raj of II Bsc  Physics won the competition.

4. Student Managed Library

Department decided to develop a students managed library.

The department decided to develop a students managed library. Mr. Najeeb and Ms. Remya , faculty in Malayalam has begun the work by forming a support group of students of various departments.

5. Commemoration of Dr. APJ Abdulkalam

28 July 2015

Demise of former president of India  Dr. APJ Abdukalam

The department convened a meeting of the faculty and students to mourn the demise of the former president of India Dr. APJ Abdulkalam. Teachers of various department s and students participated in the function. The function was inaugurated by the principal who delivered the condolence address.

6. Versification Competition for Students in Hindi

A Hindi versification competition was conducted by the department for the degree students. Ten students from various departments participated in the competition.

7. Christmas Celebration

The department of languages celebrated Christmas and newyear. The faculty and students decorated the department and made a Christmas tree. Faculties of other departments are invited and given gifts. The principal inaugurated the function.


8. Internal Examination

The department conducted internal examinations for all the students as a routine activity. Centralized internal examination system helped the department to carryout internal evaluation more precisely. The department council decided to give another chance for the absentees only on the medical ground.

9. National Seminar on Malayalam Cinema and Its Cultural Dispositions

22 January 2016

The seminar was sponsored by the department of Collegiate Education, Kerala. The inaugural speech was delivered by Mr. Kelpatte Narayanan who is a prominent cultural critic in Kerala. Keynote address was delivered by Dr. Jithesh T, Assistant Professor, Madhurai Kamaraj University. The first paper Cultural Pluralism as a Textual Strategy: The Cult of Secular Consensus Select Malayalam Films was presented by Dr. Anwar Sadath, Associate Professor, PG Department of English and Research Centre, New College Chennai. Papers were presented by Dr. Arunlal, Dr. Deepa Prasad L, Dr. Johney J Vadakkel, and many other prominent academicians. Mr. Nisanth TV, Assistant Professor, Department of English gave the Welcome address and Mrs. Daliya KS delivered the vote of thanks.



10. Inauguration of Students’ Library

The students’ Library of the department was inaugurated by Mrs. Chitra Gangadharan, Principal of the college in a simple loving function organized by the Department of Languages. The manuscript magazine of the language department was also was released by the Principal in the function.Mrs. Fousia.PA, Assistant Professor, Department of Malayalam Presided over the function and Mrs. Bigina , Assistant Professor of Hindi gave the welcome address. Mrs. Daliya KS, Assistant Professor, Department of English delivered vote of thanks.


11. Commemoration Of ONV Kurup

15 February 2016


Department of languages organized a commemoration of ONV Kurup a prominent poet in Kerala who passed away on 13 February 2016. Ramdas P, Assistant Professor, Department of History recited som poems of ONV. Principal of the college delivered the memorial lecture and Ms. Daliya KS, Assistant Professor, Department of English presided over the function.


12. Viva Voce for students

16 March 2016

As attempt to evaluate the communication skill of the students in English a Viva Voce was conducted for the Second Semester Students of BSc Mathematics and BA History. Along with Viva-Voce counseling session for the students was also arranged.

13. Class on film appreciation for school students

1July 2016

As a part of reaching out to the community the department is organizing a series of classes and workshops for the selected students of nearby schools. The first of its kind was conducted on 01-07-2016 at the Edusat room. Ten high school students of Vadakkumpad Higher Secondary school were given a class on film appreciation. Ms. KS Daliya welcomed the participants and the Principal delivered the inaugural address. Three hour class was lead by Mr. Nisanth TV, Assistant Professor, Department of English. The students are given TA and refreshment.