The Department of History was started at CKGM Government College Perambra in 1993-94.In the beginning we have only B.A Degree Course in History. The department was upgraded as the P.G Department of History in 1999. Since its inception, the department has been playing a key role in bettering the higher education of the people of the district especially in the field of history and archaeological studies, augmenting the reputation of CKGM Government College Perambra and enhancing the employability and worldview of the students. Our students have become the ambassadors of the rich legacy and heritage of the culture and education imparted by the college across the world.2000.


1 P R Shithor Assistant Professor
2  K A Sheeba Assistant Professor
3 Dr. P Ramdas Assistant Professor
4 M Abhilash Assistant Professor
5 E Shika Assistant Professor
6 Kala Rajan Kalpana Veedu Assistant Professor
7 P K Bindhu Assistant Professor
8 K K Kala Assistant Professor


        Our vision is to make the study of history exciting, stimulating, and successful. The Department strives to provide excellent educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of the community and help students meet economic, social, and environmental challenges.  It inculcates values among the student community to become active participants in shaping the world of the future. We envision a Department that leads the campus as the center for cross-disciplinary exchanges. We inspire research and teaching in the Arts and Humanities by cultivating critical thinking among the student body.


Our mission is to introduce students to the breadth and depth of the human experience by a comparative study of past and contemporary societies and cultures.  To arrange various programs to develop the ability of the students to conduct research, analyze and assess evidence and articulate sound conclusions both orally and in writing. We guarantee an equal education opportunity to all irrespective of gender, marital status, color, race, and religion. Our mission is to provide innovative educational environments, opportunities, and experiences that enable individuals, communities, and the region to grow, thrive, and prosper. Department promote vigorous intellectual debate with an interdisciplinary approach.  It tries to develop civic sense and social commitment among its wards.

Academic Programs

U.G Program

Program offered                                              : BA in History

Duration                                                          : 6 semesters

Eligibility                                                        : Plus Two or equivalent program

Number of seats                                              : 54

P.G Program

Program offered                                              : MA in History

Duration                                                          : 4 semesters

Eligibility                                                        : BA or equivalent program

Number of seats                                              : 10


The admission procedure is as per the university schedule and norms. Since 2014-15 the processes of admission in the colleges affiliated to the University of Calicut is Centralized Allotment Process (CAP). The admission is made on merit. Index mark is the basis for admission which includes the percentage of marks obtained in the qualifying examination and the weightage given for NSS/NCC/Literacy activity, achievements in national or state level, and the weightage of district. The seats available for admission are set by the State Government and University.

No of Students in the Current Academic Year


1st  Year

2nd Year

3rd Year



Under  Process






B.A. History

54( No of Seat






M.A. History

01           09






Current Teacher Student Ratio



(Total Students)


Teacher-Student Ratio

B.A. History




M.A. History




Heritage Museum

The Post Graduate Department of History of the College has a historical museum with precious historical remains.  The megalithic burial urns and materials collected from the burial sites are brought to the Department of History and kept in the museum which is available for the researchers and students of History. The artifacts and other materials connected with the everyday life of the people around the College are also collected so that the contemporary life of the immediate community could be reconstructed in the future.A centre of local history also functions with it.

High-speed Broadband Internet with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Students and faculty of the Department have access to high-speed broadband Internet Connectivity with Wi-Fi facility which enables them to collect current data from various online sources. It affords them with an edge over others in preparing dissertations, seminar reports and assignments.

Department Library

The Department has a good collection of hand-picked books on subjects specifically germane to historical studies and research. The students can access books from this collection and it facilitates academic interaction among students and faculty members.


The P.G classes are smart classes with suspended projectors. This facility offers students with audio-visual experience and interactive learning process. It also provides them with exposure to state of the art presentation techniques.

Printersand Photostat

The Department possesses high quality printers and Photostatwhich are accessible to the faculty as well as the students. They ensure speedy completion of project reports, hand-outs and facilitate preservation of important data.

Computer with Internet facility

P.G classes have computers with internet facilities. This facility offers students to collect information very easily.

Movie Camera and Still Camera

The Department possesses a High definition Movie Camera and a Still Camera which were procured to facilitate the transaction of Film Studies in the Department. They are used to document the important events in the college. Students are trained to handle these contraptions efficiently, and it enables them to explore the possibilities of visual media.

Intercom Facility

The department is connected to all the other departments, Library, Principals Chamber, Administrative Office, etc by means of Intercom facility.

Reference and Reading Room

The Department has set up a reference and reading room adjacent to the P.G Class for the convenience of the students so that they can access reference books and periodicals from the department library and read/refer them from there itself.

Department E library

The department has set up a vast collection of digital texts and has made them available to the students. Students can access PDF texts from this collection and copy them for free.

Girls room

For the female students of P.G Classes a Girls room is provided



Representatives of the History Association are elected in a democratic fashion during the college union election every year. The Association Secretary initiates the activities of the Association, and convenes meetings, Debates, Quiz Programmes etc. and contributes to the programmes of College Day. Onam, Christmas and Iftar celebrations, observance of important days etc are undertaken by the leadership of the Association. The present Secretary of the association is Abhijith C.

Alumni Association

The History Alumni Association works in close relation with the Alumni Association of the college and contributes both financially as well as academically. The President of the History Alumni Association is Miss. Sherin Francis, and the Secretary is Sri. Abdul Rasheed. The treasurer is Sri. Muhammed Basher.

Debate Club

Debate club functions in the department on class base under the supervision and guidance of each class tutors. Each class has a student coordinator and a debate club and an advisory committee. Noyanika,Sharmila M.K.P and Sreechithra are the coordinators from II BA History, III BA History and PG Class respectively.  The committee selects topics of contemporary relevance for debate.

Heritage Club

The Heritage club functions in close relation with the Heritage Museum of the department. Mr. P. R Shithor, Headof the Department guides the students for the successful functioning of the club. The club took initiatives to collects artifacts in to the Musem and preserves it.

Class PTA

Class PTA meetings are convened every semester to inform the parents as to how their children perform in the internal examinations and in co-curricular areas. Feedback from the parents adds to the morale of the teachers in implementing innovative teaching practices.

Tutorial System

Each class is assigned to two tutors, and the students interact with the tutor personally, so that the teacher can able to understand students personally. Every evening, One hour is dedicated to the tutorial session.


Presentation of the Month

P.G Students are asked to record the important events of the month. Discussion is conducted on academically and socially relevant topics.

Thought of the week

Thought of the week is organized in every Wednesday for the U.G students during tutorial hours for get awareness on the contemporary events. Thisprogramme helps the students to know the contemporary society and culture. Each student (Sometimes selected students) is asked to talk about the topic which is assigned to them previously. Then discussions are conducts on the topic.

PSC Orientation classes for P.G Students

PSC Oriented classes and trainings are provides to the PG students with external faculties as well as the faculties from the Department. This helps the students to face competitive examinations with more confidently.

UGC Orientation classes for P.G Students

Orientation classes also provide the P.G students on NET& JRF examinations.

Student Counseling

Counseling facilities provides to the students of the Department in collaboration with the Taluk Hospital Kallode, Perambra. Moreover faculties of the Department are trained in mentoring and provide guidance and counseling to the students.


Heritage Museum

The Heritage Museum began functioning during the academic year 2005-06 by the initiative of the faculties and students of the Department of History. The college situates in an area where a number of megalithic burials are found.  The Post Graduate Department of History of the College has initiated a programme of salvaging archaeological remains with the co-operation of the local community.  The megalithic burial urns and materials collected from the burial sites are brought to the Department of History and kept in a museum which is available for the researchers and students of History.The Department of History has also launched a project to collect the artifacts and other materials connected with the everyday life of the people around the College so that the contemporary life of the immediate community could be reconstructed in the future.

A centre for Studies in Local History

Teaching learning and exploring local history is an excellent way to bring the past to life for the students and also a valued technique to connect the classroom with the neighbouringcommunity. Understanding local history is in fact, an active way of learning history and its importance is emphasized in the new social knowledge. Awareness of local history will give the required knowledge base to the wider milieu of regional, national, and world history.The Centre for Studies in Local History was set up at CKGM Govt. College, Perambra in 2006, under the Post Graduate Department of History with the aim of exploring the past of Perambra and nearby areas. This centre also provides details to the researchers on the local history of Perambra.