The Department of Commerce came into exist only when B.Com Degree Courses was started in the college in 1991-92.Although the college was started in 1975, it was a mere junior college offering only Pre-degree courses. This continued upto 1991-92 when commerce B.Com degree course was sanctioned. It is worthwhile to note that B.Com is the first graduate programme of this institution started in this college.The department has always been instumental in developing entrepreneurial skills among the  students.With this view, the Department has an Entrepreneurial Development Club. It organises experience sharing programme with successful entrepreneur.The club members and other students in the college are showing keen interest in lying a strong platform to build their career. Apart  from this, the Dept is aware that the world is attaining global dimensions  in matters of trade and commerce. We are no longer able to remain in our shelf with narrow concepts of trade or industry. It is the Globe that is our venue of activity. Hence E-Commerce has become an inevitable part of human lives in all parts of the world. It would be futile to remain idle calling the new trend a defrontierizing act; it would be better to utilize the new global situation for the benefit  of our society at large and  locality in particular. The Dept, therefore envisions to create the new atmosphere conducive to new trading  avenues.

The Department of Commerce offers B. Com programme whith an intention to give an exposure to the students to the recent developments in management and accounting practices. Our institution has selected 'Finance' as optional subject in BCom.



1 Dr.K Liya  Assistant Professor
2 N M Pradeesh Assistant Professor
3 Navya A H Assistant Professor