About Us

A Brief history of the college

The college came into being in 1975 after years of strenuous attempt by the local society represented by its eminent persons.   The opening of the college ushered in a new era of growth and awareness in the locality. The naming of the college after the veteran freedom fighter and leader of national standing, C.K Govindan Nair, itself was an eye opener to all. A true secularist and democrat in all senses, C.K.G had symbolised the real spirit of nationalism  and social harmony of which Mahathma Gandhi was the literal personification. After continuing as junior college, first in a lent-up part of the Perambra High School for 17 years from August 1975 to November 1987, B.Com was introduced as the first degree course in 1991-92.This was followed by the introduction of the BA Degree in History in 1993-94 . Then came a series of developments such as the introduction Bsc.Mathematics and then during 1999-2000 the introduction of BA Degree in Economics and MA Degree in History. In the meanwhile steps were taken to introduce computer facilities and a computer lab was installed in 1998. Later in 2011-12, B.Sc. Degree in Physics was started.


The emblem of the college is symbolic of the conceptual evolution of the purpose of the college in relation to the immediate community it caters to. The hills in the background are indicative of the geography of the college campus which is situated on the slanting side of a hill. The lonely coconut tree represents poor people’s means of livelihood. Every household in the area has at least one coconut tree that once used to provide daily bread to the family. Though there is a change in the income of the people due to the construction boom in Kerala, coconut tree is still an integral part of the community. Rising sun in the background is the representation of the rising hope of the people owing to the presence of a higher education institution. The string instrument in the emblem is a reminder of the rich artistic heritage of the people in spite of their poor economic conditions. The interlinked rings at the bottom are a symbol of unity among various sections of people.


            To develop, nurture and promote the college as a centre of excellence in higher education that is accessible to marginalized and disadvantaged sections of society, to found, cultivate and sustain an ambience for the full development of the creative and intellectual faculties of the students, to equip and endow them with skills for facing challenges in life and to transform them as socially responsible individuals who uphold the values of equality, tolerance, secularism and democracy.


            To provide the best possible ambience and opportunities for the full development of the inherent capabilities and personality of the students and other members of the community.


To help the students to enhance their creativity.

To instil sense of confidence and free- thinking in the student community.

To mould the students into responsible individuals who function as catalysts of social change.

To inculcate values of equality, tolerance, secularism and democracy among students.

To develop the college as a knowledge repository accessible to the surrounding community.

the following are the programmes of our institution

1.B.Com -Finance

2.BA History

3.BA Economics

4.BSc Mathematics

5.BSc Physics

6.MA History